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• The Bugatti Group, a luxury brand based in Montreal Canada, has launched a portal through which holders of its Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) can claim physical items.
• The mint of the NFTs born as a result of the collaboration between Bugatti and Shiba Inu will entitle 95% of the holders to limited edition cross-body bags, while 5% would earn a claim to carry-on items sporting their unique SHIBOSHI design.
• This launch marks a move by the designer to join other competitors in the field including Nike, Adidas, Lacoste, and Salvatore Ferragamo who have all launched their own collections.

Shiba Inu & Bugatti Collaboration

The Bugatti Group, renowned for its influence as a luxury brand based in Montreal Canada has collaborated with Shiba Inu to launch access to physical items for holders of its Genesis NFT Collection. This joint venture is billed to bolster Shiba Inu’s influence and provide additional value to select members of its community.

Genesis NFT Collection

The Genesis NFT Collection consists of 1828 items resident on the Ethereum blockchain which sold out as fast as they were introduced, showcasing an inherent demand for related digital collectibles. Holders of the SHIBOSHI NFT have access to claim portals through their dashboard where 95% are entitled to limited edition cross-body bags while 5% earn claims for carry-on items with their unique SHIBOSHI design.

Competition in Luxury Goods Market

Bugatti is not the first luxury brand making waves in this space as mentioned above; big names such as Nike, Adidas, Lacoste and Salvatore Ferragamo have all launched their own collections. Nevertheless it remains one of the few brands offering physical rewards for its NFT holders – an advantage that sets it apart from others in this market sector.

Boosting Shiba Inu Influence

This new partnership provides further incentive for users looking at validating quality tokens such as those offered by Shiba Inu – thus boosting its influence in the cryptocurrency ecosystem even further.


The launch of these physical rewards by Bugatti is yet another indication that Non-Fungible Tokens are here to stay and continue gaining more traction over time; providing users opportunities beyond just digital assets but also exclusive merchandise that could be purchased through these tokens.

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