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• Zuck Zuck Land is a Metaverse project mapped to a Gold Mine in the USA that is offering a giveaway campaign with 100 lucky participants receiving a Zucker Mole NFT.
• To enter the campaign, participants must create an account on the campaign site, follow Zuck Zuck Land’s Twitter and retweet one of their pinned posts.
• The Zucker Mole NFT grants access to the club where rewards are given out from the gold mine projects, as well as owning rare land NFTs which offer special boosts and rewards.

Zuck Zuck Land Announces Giveaway Campaign In Gold

How To Enter The Campaign?

Zuck Zuck Land is excited to announce its first campaign that includes giving away gold. Participants should go to the campaign site and create an account, then follow Zuck Zuck Land’s Twitter account and retweet one of their pinned project posts. This will be tracked by Quests3 application and verified missions. The campaign will run from March 31st, 2023 to April 29th, 2023 with 1 account = 1 entry. On May 1st, 2023 winners will be announced via twitter post.

Types Of NFTs

The Zucker Mole NFT grant access to the Zucker Mole Club where holders will get together for quests and giveaways for gold from the US gold mine projects on more than one occasion. Additionally, there are land NFTs which represent virtual ownership of the Gold Mine with five different rarities offering rewards ranging from 150% – 250% over four years with up to 50% additional reward boosts when combined with Zucker Mole NFTs.

Gold Mine Location

The Virtualized Gold Mine is located in Central Idaho where placer gold production has been majorly produced in Lucile area being part of a rich mining history. With Metaverse mapped fractionalized virtual land plots represented by unique Gold Mine Land NFTs this gives access through $GKT rewards, Minecraft & DAO while owning rarer NFTs offers special boost benefits making it even more attractive!


In conclusion, don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to join this giveaway campaign for a chance at winning some GOLD! Not only do you have access to exclusive memberships but also you get rewarded for playing! So make sure you check out all of what Zuck Zuck Land has to offer!

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